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The Compass Rose was built in 1968 as a Replica 1860's Wooden Brigantine. She is double hulled mahogany over white oak ribs with 60' length overall.  She has a mere 6.5' draft, in order to manuever in shallow waters and tight spots.  This enabled ships of her kind to be faster and head into places their foes could not - great for blockade running!​ 


Sailing aboard the Compass Rose is a once in a lifetime experience as guests learn first hand what life was like aboard a Brigantine in the 1860's. Complete with antiques from the era, the ship is a floating museum.  Under the Captain's direction you can take part in crewing the ship, should you choose, or just relax and enjoy sail time on Texoma. Either way, your visit will be met with the highest of standards and memories made will last a lifetime!


Owned by only six individuals in almost fifty years, the Compass Rose has had numerous adventures and an illustrious past! TV comedian and show host, Herb Shriner owned the ship as did Bob Entin who was in the production end of the movie business. Bob sailed her for 27 years during which time  endeavors such  as research projects for the Leatherback Turtles, Dolphins and Whales were completed with her. 


This ship is a famous lady too! She's been in movies and some of her fact and folk lore include frequent visits from Walter Cronkite whose own sailboat was docked two slips down from the Rose in Newport, RI.  Friday night cocktail hour was signaled by the firing of the Compass Rose cannon, loaded with mashed potatoes! Bob and Walter would settle in for Scotch and cigars to watch the sunset from the gunnels of the ship.  Other dignitaries reported to have graced her with their presence include General Hospital's Kin Shriner, "Mama" Lambert and Neil Diamond to name a few!  Join us and add your name to our Guest Book!

Relax. You are amoung the adventurers.........

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